The purpose of Artworks Introductory Artist and Gallery program is to give you an established platform to promote your work and potentially increase your exposure as an artist or gallery. We will periodically add new features and improvements for increased visibility and traffic flow for our artists/galleries.  Artworks Mag does not take any commissions from artist or galleries sales nor are there any other additional fees other than the initial annual listing or renewal fees.

There will be a direct link within your listing page to your website, as you will be the point of contact for your art and all sales of your work.  Once completed submission and payment are received, Artworks Mag will begin the process of uploading the submitted collateral and your listing period will begin.

Artworks Mag does not share any of its SEO generated information with listed artist, galleries or events nor do we expect to receive any information from you.  Our purpose is to serve as a catalyst to promote your work.


Basic Level – Emerging Artist/Gallery
Full Page Listing for 1-year
Artist / Gallery Bio: 225 Words or less
7 images (1 Feature image and 6 additional)
Fee: $75.00 year

Gallery Level – Established Galleries & Artists
Full Page Listing for 1-year
Artist / Gallery Bio: 225 Words or less
Page may be changed 3X’s within 12 months.
7 images per listing (1 Feature image and 6 additional)
Fee: $150.00 year


After you have selected your listing level and we have received your payment, email your 7 images (7 is the maximum per listing) to:

Include the image information: title, size, medium, year. If it is photography and you have a size options we ask that you give us the size range of options in two dimensions.

We will contact you via email to let you know we have received your materials. We will follow-up with a second notification when your listing is live.


  • We do not edit your work or your bio.  Please make sure you proof your work before it is sent.  Your information will be loaded into your page as we receive it. We will not question titles or unique spellings. 
  • We do not list prices of your work. We feel that is something that you need to discuss privately with your patrons.
  • Although we do not believe in censorship of artwork, we reserve the right to refuse work that would be in conflict of our commonsense.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to this website and listing at any time without prior or written notification or approval.