Sebastian LaCause, CHASING HAPPY is a dive inward to discover who you really are and then to bring that consciousness, that awareness into your life. It’s a serialized, narrative podcast, storytelling with a message. This podcast follows my process of realizing that the inner life is the path to creating the outer life. I am just a regular human searching for deeper meaning and higher consciousness. This podcast looks into my journey of that truth. It looks at “the dream that must be interpreted”, as Rumi so beautifully describes it in his poem that bears that title. I want to join the conversation about the importance of turning into your Being and reaching to feel that which connects you to the Isness that flows through everything. The practice of that kind of mindfulness as a means to inner transformation that ultimately changes your life experience for the better.

Since chasing happy is finding meaning within, I’ll use my own life as the road map. My challenges and fears and how I am overcoming them. I talk about realizing what my trauma is and how I never thought I had trauma. But we all do, and it lives in our bodies and affects us on a subconscious level. Affecting how we react when something triggers that trauma. It’s about how I’m learning to face that darkness and alchemize it into light, so that I can use that energy to create a wanted future.

Look, I ’m a work in progress. CHASING HAPPY is about what’s been working for me. It’s a tale of restoration told through the lens of a gay, Black/Italian American man. But healing is universal. Feeling unworthy is universal. Feeling lost is universal. Restoration is universal. That being said I want my LGBTQIA community to be heard. I think it’s important, especially at this point in history to start talking about healing our gay trauma. Speaking as a gay man, peeling away the layers, the decades, the ancestral baggage we have inherited and finding our way to wholeness is something we not only owe ourselves but the generations that follow. We are the new ancestors. And I stole that line from one of my favorite Instagram astrology accounts, Farahmsiddiq. But I love that so much. The new ancestors. Making that shift mentally from only serving the small self to how can I serve humanity and help it expand and grow is the path to a deep understanding of purpose. How we do that is by bringing consciousness into our own lives. By living authentically. By releasing shame and guilt and fear and learning to stand in the unknown, the uncomfortably of truth. Vulnerability.

I am someone wanting to share my experience of inner transformation in hopes that it might resonate with others who have experienced something similar. Or maybe it inspires someone to start asking themselves some questions like, who am I? What am I? What is my purpose? It’s about how I felt stuck. How I was perpetuating more of the same based on what I was habitually thinking and feeling. It’s about how I started my mediation practice and how it has changed my life. I want to share my story so that maybe it can be the footprints for others to heal themselves. I want CHASING HAPPY to be a platform for healing, self-expression, self-acceptance and inspiration. I hope we have some laughs and maybe gain some insight into our inner worlds and learn how changing how we think, changes our lives and changes the world.