by | Jul 12, 2020 | ART-TECH, PHOTOGRAPHY

Dance of daylight

Sometimes really understanding requires a change in perspective. Trained to see the expected we often miss the unexpected – the abstracted moments of luminosity when the world is a canvas filled with light and color. In a dance of daylight, movement is captured in broad-brush strokes. It is not always easy to see, but with effort the landscape can be transformed into something quite spectacular and startlingly beautiful  – illumination leading to enlightenment.   

Morgan Fisher is an English keyboard player/composer/producer/photographer living in Tokyo, whose unusual career has included a remarkable variety of activities. After nearly two decades of musical experimenting, from soul to progressive rock, punk rock to meditation music, Fisher moved to Japan in 1985. Inspired by the apparently contradictory elements of cutting edge modernism and deep spiritual tradition in Japanese culture, Fisher’s creative journey became more focused, both in visual art and in music. On his “light” photography Fisher writes:

 “Many people have commented that these light paintings emanate a musical feeling. Whenever I make them I experience the exact same energy that I get from my musical improvisations – only the tools are different. The moment of creation, whether it be the tai-chi dance of a camera before a flame, or the shiatsu dance of hands over the keyboard, is identical. They are both a balancing act out there on the high tightrope between chaos and control.”